I’ve been in and out of RC since the mid 70s. I recently got back to flying and am really enjoying the electric options we have available to us these days.

In decades past, electric wasn’t a great option because the battery would weigh far too much to get the power to fly well. That has changed. Electronics have gotten so much better… and so much cheaper. The calculations needed and the trial & error to determine different setups to maximize the power system is fun to me.

I fly with the North Dallas RC Club and maintain their web site. We have a very nice field and it’s a great group of people… lots of different interests and lots of passion for RC and aviation in general.

I got in to this hobby with my Dad. He had been in to control line back in the ’50s. We started in control line in ’76 and were flying RC by ’78. We ran glow engines back in those days. While I really enjoy the sound and smell of glow engines running, my fleet is all electric this time through.

I’m having fun with this. I feel compelled to stick it out there for the world to see.
So enjoy 🙂

Scott Hazard

My Dad had quite a story. If you’re in to wartime history, read his POW Journal. We got this several years after is death. It’s a crystal clear look from the eyes of a POW of the Germans in WW II.