Tower Hobbies WW II Foamies: P-51, Corsair, Hellcat

Tower Hobbies makes a line of foam PNP airplanes at the $105 Р$120 price range that are really good planes for the money. My Millennium Master is the civil aviation part of that line. The warbirds are a Corsair, four flavors of P-51 and a Hellcat. These are plug-n-play foam planes that fly well on 3s and are tough. The Corsair seems to be the toughest, as you can see by the number of them in the photo below.

Smiling faces. Before the Gaggle. Photo: Dave Schaefer

We fly them aggressively, all at once and generally in the same area. This presents several challenges to the pilot and generates lots of energy among the group. Just keeping up with your own airplane is sometimes a challenge. It is inevitable that two of them share the same airspace at some point. These planes are amazingly tough and still fly well after multiple major repairs. This is defined at our club as a Gaggle.