Ace GLH Electric Conversion

One of my favorite planes to fly back in the day was the Ace GLH with a Cox Tee Dee .051. Of course those planes are long gone now… or are they? At a swap meet I discovered short kits. Because of the affordability of laser cutters these days, there are lots of guys out there cutting these old kits that are no longer in production. The selection seems nearly endless.

I found the GLH short kit at Balsa Workbench. I got great quality parts for two GLH planes. Dealing with Rob was easy. The short kits include basically all curved cut wood. The sheeting, leading and trailing edges and spars are not included. Still, for a $20 short kit and a bit of balsa stock, I’m flying a fast blast from the past.

I found the plans on Outerzone. You can also download the GLH plans here. I opened them in Adobe Reader and printed them from there. Adobe gives you an option to print a large document in tiles and you can even include cut lines so you can assemble the full-size plans with accuracy.

The Power Setup

For the first one, I ended up with a 2450 kv, 18.5 mm Lumenier drone motor. I run it on a 3s/1000mah 25c lipo with a 6-5.5 APC prop and it checks out perfectly on the meter and runs great. It generates ~35 oz. of thrust and flies the plane in the 85 mph range. It’s a handful to fly and took several flights to get it trimmed out nicely, but once that’s done, it’s really a smooth flyer and handles wind amazingly well for a 19 oz. plane.


I built this one a little differently. I used a motor from an EDF. Details on the setup are in the slideshow. Ecalc was spot on in the calculations for this power combo. It’s a screamer!