Tower Hobbies Kaos 60 ARF – Electric Power

The Kaos is a classic style for sport/pattern flyers. It’s stable, aerobatic and the long moment really makes this a predictable and smooth flying plane.

I have never bought an ARF and assembled it. I bought my Tucano used but not flown, so the Kaos was my first complete ARF experience.

There are at least three of these that I know of in my club. I wanted to make mine different and the modeler in me told me that if I didn’t have a substantial time investment in the build that I wouldn’t enjoy it as much. For those reasons, I decided to remove the covering on the ARF and make this plane my own.

I went with metallic finish Monokote for the job. Removing the old covering was very easy. The first step in the assembly process for this plane is to heat up and make sure the factory covering is all stuck well. They don’t get too detailed making sure everything is stuck well from the factory. For this reason, the old covering came off very easily with my heat gun.

I fitted this plane with the Rimfire 80 from Tower Hobbies. It’s a lower RPM motor than the 60. At a 500 Kv rating, it will swing a larger prop at a lower RPM. I installed a Castle Creations 100 amp ESC to go with it and fitted it with a 15-8 prop and powered it all with a 6s 5000mah lipo. It has about 2″ clearance with the larger diameter prop.

It flies very well. It is quiet and has lots of reserve power. Flying weight is 7 lb 14.6 oz. and it took 4 oz in the nose to get the CG to the 4.5″ location I wanted.

The Bolt-on Tail

The plans for this plane tell you not to glue the tail together, but to use the bolt to bolt it down. It all fits together very well, but this goes against everything I have ever learned about RC aircraft. I called Tower Hobbies and spoke to their support people. What I got was that they have not had problems with the bolt-on setup, but if it were his own personal plane, the guy I spoke with would glue the tail together. That was enough for me to mix a batch of epoxy and do just that.